Apie mus

Apie mus

"ARSAVA" Ltd. was established in 1998, in the sunniest city of Latvia – Jurmala.

The basic activity of the enterprise is related with renting of mobile lifting machinery (truck cranes, car lifts, multifunctional tractors etc.) and rendering of services with it. The Ltd. renders its services not only in Jurmala, but also in Riga and in the whole territory of Latvia. Currently ARSAVA Ltd. has opened its representation in Sweden, Stockholm and offers services in the Scandinavian market. ARSAVA Ltd. technique meets all the existing Swedish legislation. ARSAVA Ltd. aims to provide highquality lift technique services, focusing on long-term projects and to build long term partnerships with our clients on a mutually advantageous terms.

Almost in every construction process by performing hard works or in different unpredictable situations there arises a necessity to use any of the non-standard solutions, - loads have to be lifted and displaced, containers have to be unloaded in harbour, complex constructions have to be delivered to a new building – in all these and many other situations we will help you both with equipment, and with advice.

So that our customers would get qualitative and secure services, our enterprise has established a modern lifting machinery park with wide technical possibilities. Along with modern machinery we are proud of our employees – high-class professionals in their field, who are a guarantee for a qualitatively performed work and satisfied customers.

Rendering the services, we provide our clients with an additional guarantee in the form of insurance of the third party. Namely, any service connected with a lifting and displacing of any loads, is automatically provided with insurance of the given loads for the sum of hundred thousand Latvian lats. On occasion, at will of the client, we increase the size of the mentioned insurance sum.

Following the newest trends in construction and customer needs, as well as taking into account the rapid changes in building technologies we purchase always the newest lifting machinery, at the same time we pay great attention to the improvement of professional skills of our employees, providing different courses and training opportunities to the machinery operators.

ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System

ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System

OHSAS 18001:2007 Health & Safety Management System

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